Pepper’s Restaurant & Bar

Pepper’s Restaurant & Bar

Pepper’s Restaurant & Bar is a successful local restaurant that has evolved significantly since their identity system was created. Working in collaboration, Matt Duncan (a fellow student) and I developed a new wordmark and menu system to reference their successful heritage and simultaneously address a young demographic.


Previous Design Collateral
Pepper’s logo lacked relevance, and their menus had confusing hierarchy, mixed tones, and were riddled with inconsistencies.

Preparation for this project involved numerous meetings with the restaurant owners to understand Pepper’s goals, strengths, competitors, clientele, and heratige. We also looked at successful branding solutions for other restaurants within the same niche.

Wordmark Development
We built the primary wordmark drawing inspiration from wood type and Scottish pub signage, referencing the heritage of the original Pepper’s logo, but making it relevant for today. In the logo lockup we paired the wordmark with a customized humanist sans to bring contrast and energy.

We approached the menus by first discussing how they could advance Pepper’s business goals. We developed an entirely new layout to highlight the most important items, and introduced a clear hierarchy to help customers easily find items while being exposed to as many options as possible.

Making Wood Textures
We were confident that the menus and logo were strong, yet we felt that it still needed something to really pull the system together. We found the answer again in wood type and signage. We risographed pieces of wood, then scanned the prints to obtain an abstracted wood texture, which we applied to the logo and menus.

The final system is a logo, food menu, drink menu, and business cards.

New System