Manulua: Typeface Design

Manulua is a display typeface based on a three-part modular system that comes in four styles: Display, One, Two, and Three. The numerically named styles are seperations of the three elements so that each layer can be individually manipulated for a layered effect.


As a student project, the assignment was to create a typeface based on a three-part modular system. I began creating sketching various shapes, then cut out systems of modules, then using tracing paper, began experimenting with a few letters for each system.

Some systems were hidious, some had potential.
In my explorative research I became interested in the idea of using a system with very different parts to create a cohesive whole, with the application in mind of a multi-colored typeface. Multiple in-progress critiques helped me decide which elements were working, and which were not.

After exploring many possibilities for each glyph I transitioned to Glyphs App for fine tuning and managing character spacing.