What I Say

This book is a collection of reflections I wrote in response to a number of typographic resources I consumed over the course of the semester in Typography III. With the design of each spread I attempted to communicate the content in such a way so as to provide another dimension of meaning and offer a relevant application of the things I learned.

Inside Spread Inside Spread Inside Spread


Each week we were required to read a typography related article or book, write a reflection, then design a spread with it. I used the first spreads to explore different grids, page sizes, and colors, and then several weeks into the semester I committed to a grid and page size. To help each spread reflect the content more descriptively I researched the author of each article and the material he or she covered. The campus library was an invaluable resource for gaining a broader understanding of the subject matter and related areas. After research, I began each spread by sketching out ideas and making things with my hands before moving the process into the digital realm.
Analog processes and creation was an important part of this project. Type is tactile and has dimension, and I wanted to bring that physicality and craft into the spreads.
The cover presented a unique challenge. I wanted it to be different enough to avoid seeming too much like any one of the spreads, yet reflect some of the things I learned throughout the project. One of those things I learned was the value of display faces. Before this project I rarely used them, afraid their quirkiness was cheap gimmickry rather than real character. But I came across some really great display faces by some really great designers (even made one of my own), and plunged off the deep end to expand my practice.
My initial sketches and digital compositions for the cover just weren’t coming together, so I turned around and went in a wildly different direction.

I produced the final book with sewn binding in three signatures.